Atom in DevDocs


@benogle is calling for votes to include the Atom documentation in DevDocs:

Should also help include it in this package, which is quite neat:


My old web-browser package had a keybinding to bring up DevDocs for a selection. I don’t know if browser-plus does that.


I don’t see any way to vote for a suggestion. There is a vote button but it is a vote for the thread, which is weird.


On the issue itself (you may have to be logged in):


Can you send me the link? I was logged in when I tried to find it.


In the list To Do [other] click on the Atom entry


Oops. Bad UI. The column lined up exactly with the right side of the pane and I had no idea I could scroll to other columns.



Yea it’s not obvious where to find Ben’s Atom entry.