Atom in built Dev tools console usage


I saw developer tools available in ATOM editor (Ctrl+Shift+I).
But i’m not seeing errors/console.logs printing out to this console.
So please let me know how to use this Developer console present in ATOM.



What errors or logs do you expect to see? What are you trying to do?

Atom’s dev tools are for debugging Atom itself.



For example, When i’m working on java script files,I want to see the errors/logs for that particular JS files in the console. Please fins the below image. As per the image, i am expecting to see text “Hi” in the console.


Why do you expect Atom to run your script automatically? It has to be given a command to do so, and Atom does not include any such commands out of the box. There are packages for that that you can install. Some of them may be compatible with using the built-in dev tools, but Atom’s dev tools are for debugging Atom and its packages.