Atom-ide-ui Outline setup


I finally got the outline to load and I now have few questions ^^ (It’s a shame that most of the packages come with poor settings)

  1. If I do multiple imports in 1 line, I can’t click all of them in the Outline
from PyQt5 import QtWidgets, QtCore, QtGui

I can only click QtCore but not the other ones, is there a way to go around it ?

  1. Is there a way to have all the functions closed by default but keep classes open ? (See above image)

  2. Is there a way (a key to press) to fully expand all children items of the item I click on ?

  3. Is there a way to hide types (Modules for example) from the outline ?

  4. If I close my functions and toggle off and on the outline, they are open again … Can I disable that annoying feature ?

  5. Is there a way to connect the item collapse/extended state to the double click ?

  6. Sometimes by clicking like a savage on a function, it selects its content in the editor but I don’t really know how to trigger it. it seems very random
    ANSWER: the item needs a triple click in order to select the content

  7. Can we change the icons of each types (Classes, Functions, Modules etc) directly with CSS ?



Nothing to share ? :roll_eyes:


This sounds like a number of different feature requests for the developers of the UI. Unless you want to make the changes and contribute to the project.