Atom ide questions


I’m loving the new IDE. however, I do have a couple quick questions that I cannot find an answer for. diagnostics are not working for me. I do get the message about disabling linter and have done so but no errors or warnings display in the diagnostics pane. what do I need to do to get diagnostics working?

also, for code format, I continually get the message that no formatters are found. which package should I install to make the code format option happy? Thank you!


The answers to those questions depend on which computer language you’re working with. Linters and formatters are generally language-specific.


True, sorry, using JS / ES.


The IDE plugin for TS.


Hmmm… I use linter-js-standard for linting and atom-ternjs for analysis and cross-referencing, precisely because I haven’t found a way to get results as good with ide-typescript (but then, I don’t use typescript).