Atom-IDE not working on Linux


I am having a world of trouble trying to get the atom-ide functionality to work on Linux. I have it working flawlessly on macOS but none of those features are working on Linux. I can get the Diagnostics UI to pop up, but the feature itself does nothing. I can open the outline view, but receive an error message that the outline view doesn’t work for Javascript with JSX. Well, it does on macOS. hyperclick does absolutely nothing. It works on macOS. I can ask for reference info using the default keybinding but it says ‘symbol references are not available for this project’. But on macOS, they are. I am using version 1.20.0 on both machines. I have no idea why these packages are so ineffectual on Linux


Since those packages are intended to be used with 1.21.0 as stated in the announcement, I feel like any serious attempt to get them to work should use the version for which they were designed. I don’t know enough about what’s being put in place in that version to tell you if you can use them with a different one.