Atom IDE: newbie learning advice: learn Atom first?


Just started learning Atom, though understanding at the moment very little I like it very much and thinking of using it as the main/only tool the way some people use some historic editors. Noticed that there is Atom IDE, it sounds interesting, this is to ask experienced user whether

  • it would be better to go straight to Atom IDE or
  • better to learn/work with just Atom for some time and then grow to Atom IDE, or
  • whether this question makes no sense, in such case please specify why as that would probably be useful info.
    Answers do not need to be “scientific”, precise or “rock solid”, this seems to me a highly subjective area and my question is very, probably too general, so any opinion is most welcome


“Atom IDE” is just a set of packages that are designed to give Atom a feel more like full-featured IDEs out there, by leveraging the Language Server Protocol to provide code analysis. You don’t need to use it and, starting out, it might be easiest to ignore it at first.


My novice opinion:
Get a feel for working with Atom first.
That feature is a bit new… let it evolve a bit.
You might not even miss the functionality just yet.

Understand what it can do and what it cannot do.
Understand what you want for it.
Accept that it is a work in progress but can be extended and customized.
Be hungry to learn and explore by yourself.

Read the flight manual -