Atom ide internet connection


So someone will need an active connection and data will continuously be sent back and forth to an untrusted server to use the atom new ide feature?


The servers are open-source. You could run them on your own machine or server if you wanted to.


I was about to install the IDE, but this is a little concerning. What is being discussed here? Is there a link to docs/announcement about this?


The server part is on localhost.
Nothing to worry about.


This is about the language server integration upcoming in 1.21.0, which will be completely optional (like almost everything in Atom) and completely FOSS (like everything in Atom).


Excellent. I haven’t gotten a chance to read the code, but that makes sense.


I had a look at the language server python implementation and the default address is localhost :slight_smile:


Houray! :heart_eyes_cat: Thats awesome. I just read the word server and my mind was triggered. I also though since Facebook helped develop this and everyone LOVES active connection to spy and report stuff that it was also the case with that.

I’m very glad this litle big package arrived. I was thinking about WebStorm to help me learn TypeScript but now I don’t need to spend 150$ per year :stuck_out_tongue: