Atom IDE and linter package together?


Hi everyone,

I really like the look and feel of Atom IDE! However, I’d occasionally like to use packages that require the linter package, such as linter-gcc for instance.
Now, when both linter and atom-ide-ui are installed, Atom gives me the message

You have both linter and atom-ide-diagnostics enabled, which will both display lint results for Linter-based packages.
To avoid duplicate results, please disable one of the packages.

Which suggest, that I could use atom-ide-diagnostics as a substitute for linter. Is that true? Can I have my linter-gcc messages shown in atom-ide-diagnostics?
Otherwise, has someone come up with a solution to have both linter and atom-ide-ui installed?



Currently the Atom IDE functionality is listed for the following grammars:

Are you currently using the Atom IDE functionality?
…you are developing C++ code - right?

As the message in Atom suggests, you can deactivate a package if you are not using it.
For example, I have two Python grammar packages. The built-in grammar package is deactivated as not to compete against the community driven package.

Consider deactivating the IDE functionality until the guys have a language client that will benefit you.
…or such is my novice opinion.



Since version 0.5.2 Atom IDE supports Linter V2 packages! So my issue is fixed :blush:


Well, I installed the latest version of atom-ide-ui and linter-gcc, but it doesn’t work. The linter messages can not be shown until I disable atom-ide-diagnostics and enable linter/linter-ui-default.
Can you show me how to deal with it?



I can’t get it to work anymore, either! I switched back to using linter just for this reason.

The package-switch package, helps me to switch from linter to Atom IDE easily.
Sadly, this is not the best solution. We may hope for ìde-cpp to become stable.


It seems fixed! I’ve just enabled linter-twig, while the linter plugin itself is disabled and …of course atom ide enabled.


One thing to note on this that I’ve just found is that you need to make sure that you enable:

Diagnostics Services

in the atom-ide-ui settings. I had disabled it as I used Linter and have just switched back (as you don’t need both now) and it wasn’t showing anything. That was why :slight_smile: