Atom-html-preview package


I can’t use the keyboard combination suggested by the author. For a live page preview the instruction is Contol > P. That doesn’t work on a Mac. Neither does Command > P.

Does anyone know what the correct keybinding is? Is the live page preview dynamic, or does the key combination have to be entered every time one clicks on a separate page tab?


According to the keymap file in the package’s repository, the key is Ctrl+Shift+H:


If that doesn’t work for you, @leedohm’s quoted snippet gives you the way to define your own key mapping as well.


Thanks for your help.


Thanks for your response.


That doesn’t work either. Plus is there a refresh for the live preview. I have to keep quitting and opening very time I make a change so that isn’t really live is it?


@jel111 If you have a question about the atom-html-preview package specifically, you may want to file an Issue on the repository for the package. See the FAQ here for more information on that: