Atom-html-preview or preview-plus?


From a quick look at the features, it seems that both atom-html-preview and preview-plus packages allow for live html previewing, but am I correct in that preview-plus also allows for preprocessed languages to be previewed in the compiled language? Would it then be better to choose preview-plus for the extra features? Is there another package you would suggest?

Edit: Also, do they both apply css to the preview?


You might find that atom-live-server and/or php-server better meets your requirements although content is rendered in browser.


Make sure to check the ages of the packages you’re interested by looking at the repo linked to from the package page. preview-plus has been abandoned for years and is probably obsolete in some ways, in addition to having a message to that extent right at the top of its documentation. According to that message, the more recent version is the package pp. For previewing HTML, I’ve been using the package browser-plus. It doesn’t have a bunch of features for other languages, but does let you browse the Internet, and when I’m using Less or a JavaScript variant, I’m almost always either using Webpack or Brunch, so I’m just making a dev server on my computer that the package needs to navigate to and browser-plus is great at that.