Atom high CPU usage makes editor useless


I’ve just noticed that Atom on start uses 13% of my CPU and spawns 4 process which use about 1GB of my ram. Editor is completly unusable because typing has about 5 to 10 seconds lag, switching between cards takse same amount of time. I’ve just noticed this today. Recently I used atom on Wednesday and it worked fine. I must add that this lag does not happen all time. It appears every 2-3 minutes. Using atom --safe does not solve the problem. I must add that lag appears only in workspace - menubar on the top of the window is working properly. I tested this with atom compiled from source and with pre-built package from ubuntu.

Using Arch Linux 64bit
i7-4700MQ Processor
8GB ram


Which version of Atom are you using?


Have you tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling clean?