Atom helper using more than 100% of CPU and causing macbook's fan to start

Every time I open atom, the macbook’s fan starts shortly and when I check the activity monitor, the Atom Helper uses more than 100% of CPU. I think it is the reason that causes the fan to be working all the time.

After Googling, I used the atom --safe to start atom, and the %cpu is normal.

Does this mean that something is wrong with some of the packages that I installed? How to solve the problem? Does that mean that I cannot use normal mode any more?

The problem is solved by deleting one of the .git folder under my username folder.

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I’m having the same problem. Which folder is it?

That means you have to identify the package causing the problem. There’s no way around it, but to disable them one by one and see if your problem persists.

I remember a couple of similar cases where people had a .git folder in the home directory, which also made the CPU usage go up.