Atom hangs when i type .PHONY: in a Makefile


exactly when I type :, this happens. i’m on 0.84


Try updating to the latest, v0.89, and see if it still happens. Also, keep the Console open and see if you get an error message before the hang.


aw there’s no autoupdating? :frowning:


This still happens with 0.90. Nothing is logged in the console, and pressing the break button on the Sources tab doesn’t actually break. Hang is paired with Atom Helper having 100% CPU usage. After half a minute, the ‘Editor is not responding’ prompt appears (if the console hasn’t been opened).

Judging from the Activity Monitor sample, all the time is spent in a tree of ??? (in <unknown binary>) with various addresses, which probably is JITed Javascript.

edit: Apparently this will be fixed in 0.91: