Atom hangs on start. Problem was linter-jscs package

Hi All,
My Atom now hangs when I start it.
I created a folder in My Document directory called “jQuery” and in that folder, I created a file called jQuery.js and pasted the entire source code of jQuery.js library, in a non-minimized format, using Notepad++.
Now when I open jQuery.js with Atom, it loads the file and I can see it on the screen, but it just hangs and consumes 13% of one of my cores. After a while a message pops-up saying “Editor not responding”, with the option of “Force close” , or “Keep waiting”.
Anyone know why this is happening?

I renamed “jQuery.js” file to “jQuery.js.original” so that I can at lest open Atom to see what add-on causes this.
After disabling all Community packages, I was able to rename “jQuery.js.original” back to “jQuery.js” and open it with Atom. No problems.
I then enabled Community packages one by one until Atom hung again.
The culprit was linter-jscs 4.2.1. All other packages were enabled and behaved as expected.
I uninstalled that P.O.S. package.
Problem solved.

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