Atom hangs (freezes) when opening up a previous folder and closing styles.less


Hi, brand new to Atom and am currently getting the hang of things. Love it so far I have recently encountered
a rather debilitating bug. Opening up my Google Drive folder using Atom file>open folder opens up my tabs last time i opened up my Google Drive folder, one of which happens to be styles.less. This is intended behavior. However, upon trying to exit out of styles.less (be it clicking the ‘x’ button, navigating the right click menu and selecting close tab or closing the pane it exists in results in Atom freezing, and requiring a restart. This issue only occurs with my Google Drive folder and I have been unable to reproduce it in any other setting. However, because I keep a good deal of my files backed up in Google Drive, it’s rather an issue that I can’t close out styles.less without the program freezing.

Other debug information:
I am using Windows 10.
I am starting atom normally (not through the cmd prompt).
This issue still occurs in safe mode.
Closing tabs other than styles.less does NOT result in a freeze.
I have not installed any packages or altered any remotely pertinent settings.

If anything, is it possible to force atom to ignore the previously opened tabs when opening a folder? Essentially resulting in a blank text editor (minus the tree-view) when opening a folder?

Edit: For those facing this same issue, I’ve figured out how to force atom to forget previously opened tabs associated with a given file path. Go to user/.atom/storage/application.json and empty the contents of the file.


application.json gets overwritten constantly. An easier way to delete its contents is to open Atom with a specific directory or file (any directory or file) as its target. You’ll still see styles.less appear the next time you open Atom to your Google Drive directory, but you should be able to overwrite that by opening a blank Atom (also doable by atom --clear-window-state which, note, will make it forget any unsaved files you have) and using Add Project Folder instead of Open Folder. You may or may not need to close Atom before it works.


To ride on this issue, still happening at v1.12.3

Is there any solution? Everytime it happens now, I would have to manually delete the following folder


@calvintps As @DamnedScholar mentioned: