Atom hangs after pressing 'Check for Update'


Atom hangs after pressing ‘Check for Update’.


yep, same problem here.

had it with version 0.62 and then manually downloaded 0.64 which seems to be ok.


Earlier today people posted on a popular website how to download Atom without a beta invite by setting the user agent string to the one used by Atom’s updater. Shortly after that, people reported that this method stopped working, so I think that might be why updating in Atom doesn’t work anymore, Github had to shut it down. Unless it’s just you two who are having problems, I can’t check since I’m still waiting for an invite and the Linux version :wink:

Cannot download latest update

@giovdk21 it was working with 0.64 saying that was the latest version, but now new update is available and Atom hangs in a same way.


with 0.64 I had the menu item “restart and install update” that worked for me. (now I have 0.65)


I don’t suppose the account you were trying to update with had restricted rights (i.e. not an admin)?


what do you mean by account?


Sorry, your local OSX account. I, personally, have a non-admin core account and must authenticate as an admin prior to installing software and often (but not always) when software auto-updates. I found similar behavior to what is described and I was curious about the local account permissions to see if this might be a commonality. Issues with auto-updates like this happen sometimes with this type of setup (e.g. recently intellij had this problem but was fixed to where it asks for auth to touch the filesystem after downloading).


I have admin account and other software updates correctly.
The problem here is that after ‘Check for update’ a popup comes on top of the editor, which is shown in the first post of this topic, and than the only way to quit Atom - is force quit menu(