Atom going Full Screen all the time, bug?


Using on Mac, was using it for a week and now every time i start the app it goes into Full Screen.
How can i disable this function?



How does it look like when the program goes full screen?

full screen could mean that the window covers available screen space or it could be full screen mode. The full screen mode is toggled by the F11 key.

Note that other packages such as the Zen package also activates a full screen mode. For this we will need to have some more conversations.

So for the moment use the F11 key and see if helps.



In addition to it possibly being a package like @danPadric suggested, an app will return to full screen if it was closed in full screen.

FYI @danPadric, F11 does not toggle full screen on a Mac.


Valuable intel (thanks!)… luckily you knew I am a Windows user.
What does trigger full screen mode for a Mac?

…from the menu bar

…from the command pallet


The FS is the same as Mac. basically clicking on the Green circle

I guess there is a but with Atom because i did not install any mod with such behaviour and it just started happening now.


Re-installed Atom issue is gone


What does trigger full screen mode for a Mac?


@MariusM There were other things you could try, like opening Atom with atom --clear-window-state, but it sounds like the reinstall worked anyway.


I will keep that in mind next time if that happens, thanks.