Atom going downhill?


Atom recently introduced a feature (long overdue) to reopen the last project when restarting the editor. This worked fine at first and obviated the need for the plug-in that had previously been required for this task. However, in the last two versions I’ve had installed, 0.196 and 0.198, this no longer works. It just reopens to a blank file. Now there is an option under the File menu to “Reopen last item”. This worked on 0.196 but even that appears to no longer work. It just does nothing for me now. This is on a Mac.

In addition, I opened a file which was too big to show in the window and there were no scroll bars to scroll down to see the rest of the file. I had to manually resize the window (already quite big) to be able to see the rest of the relatively small file. As I say, it was a small file of about 50 lines not some megabytes long behemoth.

So, is Atom going to hell in a handbasket or is there something wrong with my end? I’m on a Mac, latest OS.


So two issues is the same as going to hell. I think you judge a bit to soon! This program is being actively developed, so issues might arise. If you can reproduce your issues, I suggest to post them on GitHub to get them solved. First do a search for similar issues.


Well, for one, it’s three issues. 1. Last project not re-opening automatically, 2. “Reopen last item” menu option not working, 3. scroll not working within editor.

I only say this because Atom has been such a wonderful editor for me, far better than any other I have used. And then suddenly, it comes crashing down to earth. I didn’t SAY it was going to hell, just raising the question. I fully expect (and hope) it is something on my end and might try to reinstall it to see if that cures the problems. I appreciate that it is a new editor under active development and that issues might arise.

Thanks for the advice about posting the issues to Github. I might do that later, I just wanted to see if anyone else was having similar problems. Hopefully it is just me.


I think I’ll just point you to Betteridge’s Law of Headlines. This kind of topic is pretty much the forum equivalent of the question, “When did you stop beating your wife?” It puts people on the defensive and is hard to keep constructive.

This is also a trollish tactic, here’s why …

I’m not a fan of the comedian Paul Reiser, but one of his standup routines will always stick with me and it is about the phrase “I’m just saying” … essentially another form of “I didn’t say”. Because people will say something rude and then try to soften the blow or absolve themselves of responsibility with “I’m just saying”. Like, “No, no … I don’t mean you’re fat, I’m just saying …” or “I don’t mean your kid is ugly, I’m just saying …” or “I don’t mean that shirt makes you look like a douche, I’m just saying …”. Like the fact that just saying something absolves one of the responsibility of the pain that it causes.

So, let’s keep things constructive and stop with the tabloid headlines and rhetorical flim-flam.


Way off topic, but I’ve always understood that more literally. To me it means “I did mean you are fat but it’s only words so don’t get too upset”. I never got the meaning that it wasn’t true.


Since a lot of people have been using Atom for a long time, often as their main editor, it is worthwhile to regularly remind everyone that it’s still in a pre-1.0 state. Expectations of perfect stability or full completeness are not yet justified.

Secondly, I am always somewhat taken aback by how many people make demands of the application that can only be described as enhancement requests, and making it sound like the lack of a certain feature is somehow a “bug”, just because they have gotten used to a different editor that had it.

It is true that some basic features are simply must-haves for any text editor. But most things people keep demanding with comments like “I can’t believe this is still outstanding, it’s the only thing that keeps everyone (!) from switching to Atom”, even getting mad and insulting over it.
I find it disturbing how people can justify this kind of behavior for a product that is given to them for absolutely nothing, as if they actually paid for the software with some kind of SLA attached.
I don’t want to go off on a tirade, but perspective is a wonderful thing.


Or more common, “this is the only feature keeping me from switching from XYZ”. They somehow think someone will care more because of that. It’s kind of a threat, saying “if you don’t add this you’ll lose a customer”. And I can’t believe that someone would choose their editor because of one feature.


Atom is :

  • Free as in beer
  • Opensourced

@blackratdog , I guess you are new to opensource. You can just open an issue on github at atom repo , this is how opensource software work , and thrive. I haven’t seen an editor as actively developing as atom , it is like 5-10 commits a day in the repo , that show how serious contributors are. If that means atom is going downhill , i think many other popular opensource projects are 6 feet below ground.

Relax and make something positive out of your anger towards those small issues…

Well, for one, it’s three issues. 1. Last project not re-opening automatically, 2. “Reopen last item” menu option not working, 3. scroll not working within editor.

Then , post on the github repo , its dose not take more effort then listing them on the forum, and github uses same account if you registered with github account .


You know, instead of spending post after post getting upset that you insulted the honor of Atom, I’ll attempt to respond to your issue.

  1. I opened Atom from my desktop link. File/Open Folder. I selected my desktop. It was opened on an Untitled new document. I closed Atom and reopened it. It did not load the desktop project and was an Untitled new document. I then loaded the desktop again, this time opening a file from my desktop. I closed Atom and reopened it. It loaded the file and my desktop folder. I then added another folder to the project and closed and reopened. It loaded up with both folders. Then I closed my opened document and closed and reopened. It was back to loading an untitled document with no open folders. So if you don’t have at least one file opened, it won’t remember the project.

  2. I had no issues with this.

  3. I had no issues with this. I do have the minimap plugin installed, though, so I don’t know if this is changing behavior.


Thanks @Nalin
I cannot reproduce 2 and 3 either. I haven’t test 1 tho.


I have experienced the reopen thing not working in OS X and in Windows. I haven’t experienced the other two issues. I just assumed the problem would be fixed in the next releaese.


I agree, but on the flipside: I’m finding I can’t use an editor (ATOM) because of one missing feature (SFTP), and it’s really frustrating.


Did you know there are two or three packages for this? The one I use is remote-edit.


funny you should mention that; I have a (high-brow) blog post about it:
Moore’s Paradox - I’m Just Saying!


Kinda off topic, I suppose.
But since we’re here:

Moore’s paradox being strictly correct, it’s also academic and largely pointless.
Phrases like “I’m just saying.” are not logical in nature and are therefore not subject to rational refutation. They are psychological - they are expressions of attitudes, loosely linked to what the person is saying in relation not to the facts, but rather to their own uncertainty about the content of what they’re saying.


I guess Reiser’s routine makes it more pointed that the “attitude” towards the putative “fact” is that I don’t believe it. As he says in this (entirely too much work to find) clip (skip to 31 minutes into it).
“i dont think it, my mouth is just saying the words”


Yea, but the point is that it’s self-doubt that is being expressed, no factual statement, not a logical contradiction:

“I said it, because I think it seems likely to be true (and perhaps I want it to be), but I am not 100% convinced.” then turns into “…just sayin’, man.”