Atom GitHub Link Failure. Teletype for Atom


I just installed Atom on MacOS 10.13.4 and signed up for “Teletype for Atom.”

I have identical local and GitHub repos. I changed a file using Atom. No changes are made to the file locally or to GitHub.

I “pushed” and “pulled.” Atom responded as expected. Rotating wheel.

Why? What must I do to get Atom to work for me?



Teletype is for code collaboration? Is this what you want?


I don’t need Teletype. I am not collaborating with anyone.

Need: I want to be able to change files on Atom and communicate these changes to my local and GitHub repos.

Question: I feel that I have not installed Atom correctly. I am so new to Atom that I don’t no how to test my setup. How do I test Atom? To be honest, I am overwhelmed with Atom’s features.



How did you install Atom then? If it was by the homepage, and following the prompts, it should be fine.

I changed a file using Atom. No changes are made to the file locally

What does this mean? When you open a file, make changes, and save them, do the changes not appear when you open the file in a different editor?


I followed the usual Mac instructions for installation of new applications. I had no warnings or errors.

Since writing my response to your questions to me, I did some searching on My applications to Atom Forum and have been granted. Therefore, my comment or guess that Atom is not installed correctly is wrong.

Let me expand on

I changed a file using Atom. No changes are made to the file locally.

  1. I have two files, called “index.html” say, with the words blah, blah, in a project called XYZ on my local computer and in GitHub.

  2. I open up the XYZ project in Atom and see blah, blah, in “index.html”. I change it to I am king.

  3. I commit the change by clinking on the up and down arrow buttons on the bottom right of Atom display. I push and pull two times. The wheel spins around the GitHub cat icon twice.

  4. I go to the index.html files on my Desktop and in GitHub. Both files read, blah, blah,. No changes were made.


I believe that the issue that you’re running into is that your changes have not been committed through Git.

The following step should happen between your steps 2 and 3:

If you go to View>Toggle Git Tab, you will notice a pane on the right-hand side open with a series of files that have been changed. You need to stage those files and then add a commit (with a commit message). After you have done this, then you can use the arrows that you mentioned above to push to the repository.

I hope that this helps! :slight_smile: