Atom gets so slow and shows an error message on console


Atom shows an error message - even if I opened it by safemode.

And it becomes so slow while using 20~30% of CPU capacity on and on even when I haven’t opened any project and doing nothing.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ahead’ of undefined
at /Applications/
at ()
at step (/Applications/
at /Applications/

My Atom is 1.27.2 version on Mac OS sierra
What should I do??
I’ve already fully deleted and reinstalled it twice but it didn’t help


Hmmm. It’s a long shot, but you could try the beta version of Atom. Also, see what happens if you disable the github package.

BTW, what year was your computer made? It shouldn’t matter too much, I’m just interested. Mine’s late 2013 MacBook Pro, and I haven’t had any major issues yet (with any apps).


Thanks! I fixed it by disabling github package. Mine is iMac late 2015. And I think I have this trouble because I had deleted the xcode git and reinstall it by homebrew few days ago.


Sounds like there could be an obscure bug with the github package. Searching the repo issues, it seems similar bugs have cropped up

If you think you can identify or reproduce what caused the issue, it would probably help a lot. No pressure though; some bugs are just weird.


One thing to check for that I’ve seen quite a bit of is if you might accidentally have initialized a git repository in your home directory? You can check with:

ls -l ~/.git

If that shows no file or directory found, then that’s not it but if there is a .git directory there and you didn’t git init in your home directory on purpose, then you can remove or rename the directory and see if that helps.