Atom FTP local/remote synch


Hi guys,
Im new to Atom and I have a question. Up until now I have been using Notepad++ and I would like to migrate to Atom. Everything works fine except one thing that Im unable to find.
In Notepad++ I used the FTP plugin to download/upload files. In Atom, I found the Remote-FTP package, installed it and it did exactly what I wanted - I created a connection config file, connected to my server and saw two panes in the tree view.
However, my problem is that I want to have the possibility (like I have now in notepad++) to upload files in a different folder structure than what is on the my local machine.

In other words, I donĀ“t want the files to be automatically mirrored and the way this worked in Notepad++ (and the way I need it to work now) is that I have two folders opened in the tree view (local, remote) and by clicking upload, it simply uploads the current opened local file to the currently selected remote directory.

I hope it sort of makes sense what I need. When I tried it, it did work, but it created the same directory structure on my remote server as I have on my local, which is not what I want.

Is it possible to set this up in Remote-FTP or is it possible at all using some alternative package?


Try atom-commander.