Atom froze my mac


My mac was frozen, I think that because of the Atom. Hard restart via power button helped.

Can someone advise what it can be?


photo of crash:

OS: macOS 10.13.2

Atom: 1.23.2


I’m not able to see what the problem is just from the crash log but can you remember anything about what you were doing with Atom when it crashed? Reproducible steps are always super helpful - then if you can reproduce, checking if you can reproduce in safe mode (atom --safe) would be a great next step.


just wrote js code, I don’t have clear steps


List of my packages:


just wrote js code, I don’t have clear steps

Thanks for confirming @pustovalov - has Atom crashed a lot for you lately while writing JavaScript or just a couple of times?


image image

Good thing you posted that picture of the crash. When I first saw it, I thought the screen was smashed, as in broken glass, falling out a third story window onto pavement or rocks.


Have you ruled out a role in the graphics unit on your MacBookPro? By the look of that crash screen, it reminds me of some of what I saw when a graphics unit was in in the early stages of failure. The machine was a MacPro Late 2011. I can’t really recommend anything. If I were getting that crash with Atom, I would run an Apple hardware test if I could. There are some machines where it is not possible to run an Apple hardware test, without taking the machine to the Genius Bar at an Apple retail store.

I have been running Atom somewhat hard on a Mac with OSX 10.13.2. I got this Mac that is not a MacBookPro and which is configured for easy replacement of the graphics unit. I picked this model for the specific purpose of avoiding the graphics unit failures that are common on MacBookPros depending on when they were made. Googling MacBookPro graphics, ah, here is what came back on my search

It is not possible to prove just by looking at this picture, but I’ll make a small friendly (no one has to pay) wager of dollars to donuts the problem you are reporting is a hardware problem with the graphics unit on a MacBookPro. If that is the case, you have my sympathies.


launched the hardware test:

I had this freeze only when I used an atom


around 7 times


@rsese: If we follow with the notes of @danallen (thank you),
would it perhaps be helpful to start Atom from the terminal as:
atom --disable-gpu

@pustovalov: I am sorry to hear about these troubles.
Have you given the notes a read on…?

Perhaps by a miracle something else in there is helpful.


If we follow with the notes of @danallen (thank you),
would it perhaps be helpful to start Atom from the terminal as:
atom --disable-gpu

It seems worth trying :+1:

Since Atom has crashed for you quite a few times @pustovalov, can you try starting Atom with atom --disable-gpu and see if that helps or not?


I am posting a screen shot from this page. It looks like you might have posted an image, but the image appears in my screen as a broken link.

We have reached a very difficult point this process diagnosing the problem on your MacBookPro. This step might appear easy. For you, it might be very easy. I have no way to know. I hope you will respond, but that is not the most important thing for you and your computer. The important thing is for you and at least one other human being somewhere to be certain you know the hardware test results and most important of all their meaning. The only information I have is what you posted. consisting on an image I cannot see and statement that something happened seven times, but not clearly indicating what happened seven times. I think your computer may have frozen seven times running Atom, but the vague description of the hardware test leads me to suspect the hardware test was never completed, or if it was, it was not Apple Hardware Diagnostics, if they were, you have not made the results available. Omitted test results almost never means the results support the point of view of the person who omitted them. Usually, omitted test results mean the results suggesting a conclusion different from the one held or promoted by the person not revealing the results. No one in the Atom forum would do that, but it still distracts my thinking with images of what I have observed in so many other settings, it literally is a form of ptsd, where no matter how much I know worring is not the right direction, I worry about what I have seen previously.

One time, this was unbelievable. there were people spending TONS of time helping fix a problem and it was finally cleared up, the problem was caused by a piece falling out. It rattled around so the guy opened the computer, found the tiny piece of scrap that should never been in there mthat some had got in there, The dude did not want to get in trouble for opening the computer, so he did not say anything. This was in the military and sand was getting into computers. What I am getting at is a lot of people spent hours and hours trying to solve a problem. the guy was sure opening the computer did not cause a problem, but the information was really important. I am so relieved this is not the kind of place where that could happen

When my computer had a hardware problem, it took a year for me to believe it was hardware problem. I kept finding things that showed it was a software problem. It was a hardware problem the whole time.

What I learned from that experience is this: without seeing complete hardware test results there is nothing I can do