Atom freezing when opening JS files


When I open JS files, Atom freezes. I checked my system monitor and the CPU reaches 100%, more precisely it’s “atom --type=renderer --no-sandbox”.

I tried opening Atom in the safe mode and the issue is remaining.

This problem exists only for JS files.

I’m using Atom version 1.14.3 and Ubuntu.

Do you have any advice about it ?

Thks !


Are the JS files minified files @simonghrt ?

Also, is the problem reproducible in safe mode (atom --safe)?


Yes, it is reproducible in safe mode and it doesn’t occur with small files.

But it happens with each minified file.


From what you’re describing, your issues should be fixed in Atom 1.15.0-beta4 and onwards (the stable version should be out within the month).


Thanks for confirming :v: Since you’re having the problem with minified JavaScript files, it sounds like you’re running into this issue:

It should be fixed in 1.16.0 but the fix is also available in 1.15.0-beta3.