Atom Freezing every second on Mac Sierra


Every time I try to type something in Atom it freezes. I haven’t downloaded any packages so this just seems to be an issue with Sierra/Atom. Any guidance would be appreciated.


What version of Atom are you running?

atom -v

Even though you haven’t downloaded any packages, just to double check, do you see any difference starting Atom in safe mode?

atom --safe


Still does it even in safe mode with the latest version of Atom. I recently updated to Sierra so I’m wondering if that’s the problem?


I have the same issue : Atom freezes an then crashes since I upgraded to 1.18 (it should have sent you bug reports, by the way).
Even activating the --safe mode doesn’t prevent that.


I downloaded Atom 1.11 and it has fixed the problem. Hope this helps!


Well… not that much, because the current version is 1.18 !


@carligerard and @JeanBambi, do either of you see an absurd number of files being tracked by the github integration? The number of tracked files is on the right-hand side of the status bar.


Just delete current version of atom and download the old 1.11 version.


That’s quite a substantial downgrade. Even if 1.18.0 itself is causing trouble, it hardly seems necessary to roll back to last October.


You’re right, DamnedScholar !
How can we fix this ?


Delete the .git folder in your home directory. You can use rm -r ~/.git in Terminal.


That seems to work, DamnedScholar.
Thank you so much !


No problem. :slight_smile:


Thank you DamnedScholar, I have been fighting this issue for over a week. You fixed it. (for the moment at least:slight_smile:)


If it happens again, let us know immediately. I still have no idea what causes this.