Atom freezes when opening multiple files with the same name


My atom freezes and becomes unresponsive when I open multiple files with the same name (they all reside in different subdirectories inside the project). Since I am currently working on a huge ansible project, most files in my project folder are name main.yml.

My ansible project directory looks like this (with not only role1 to role2, but more like role20)


Here is some things I tried

  • I can open as many defaults/main.yml as there are without freeze
  • I can open one main.yml from every subdirectory inside one role without freeze
  • I cannot open two defaults/main.yml and a task/main.yml next to any of the two defaults/main.yml
  • I cannot open as many main.yml from every subdirectory inside all roles without freeze. I am unable to find a common denominator regarding the amount of main.yml I can open in this case, most of the cases it’s three but sometimes five or six.

I am using a mac, but it is reproducible on linux (fedora 22) as well. I haven’t tried windows.
I already tried safe mode, no luck there.
I removed all extensions, also no luck.

I hope all this information helps you to reproduce this bug and make it go away, it is a little bit annoying :slight_smile:


I have the same error…

I have tested in Ubuntu 15.10, and it’s imposible to use. :cry:


This is fixed in the v1.4.x betas.


Just tested it, works like a charm. Thanks a lot!


@leedohm thanks a lot!