Atom freezes when opening minified javascript


Hi there,

I haven’t used Atom for about a month (due to vacation), and have come back to Atom freezing when opening minified javascript files. It handles unminified javascript with no problems. I am currently using the latest version (as of this post), 1.14.0.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, removing/renaming the /username/.atom/ directories, deleting all files/directories relating to Atom. The only thing I have not tried is removing registry entries.

Is there anything I’m missing that I can try to fix the issue? I quite enjoy Atom, and don’t necessarily want to move back to a different editor.

Thank you in advance!


Files with very long lines (which is characteristic of minified files) are not handled well by Atom at the moment. I would try to avoid opening them with Atom.


The strange thing is, that Atom opened these types of files just fine before - its only just recently that Atom is having an issue with them.


I hate to post again, but I am unable to edit my previous posts.

Here is an image of what happens:


I mean… there are quite a few reasons I might want to copy and paste minified files. I gotta use a different editor to do zat?


That would be your best option until Atom’s performance improves with large files, yes.