Atom Freezes When Opening Dropdown Menus


I just installed Atom on a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve noticed that Atom freezes when I open any of the dropdown menus. The attached screen capture shows me opening one of the dropdowns in Settings, which failed to open the next time I clicked on it.

When it freezes, the dropdown “opens” (that is, a rectangle drops down where the menu should be, but there aren’t any words). I wish that I could take a screencap of it when it freezes, but my entire computer freezes whenever this happens and I have to reboot. Sometimes I can open one or more dropdown menus several times before the freezing occurs, but only if I open them slowly (as in, I open and close a menu and then wait a few seconds before attempting to open another). If I open and close one or more dropdown menus several times in quick succession, this consistently causes Atom to freeze.

I’ve explored this phenomenon in both safe mode and debug mode, and the same thing happens (without writing any messages to the terminal) every time.

Is there a simple way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


In order to fix it, we need to know what’s going on. Can you do a CPU profile per the instructions in the Atom Flight Manual?