Atom freezes when gets focus


I am using Atom in an Ubuntu 14.04 machine and in Debian 8 machine.
On ubuntu, after use another program and clicking again in atom, it freezes for a 5-6 seconds and one of the cores of the CPU works with a 100% of the resources during this time.
On debian all the system becomes unstable (not only atom).
I tried to run atom from a terminal to check if there is any error visible, but atom does not print nothing.
I have seen some similar issues in this forum, but nothing really helps me.

Is there any way to check/debug this kind of errors? Any documentation available?



It’s just a guess, but you can probably try to profile Atom using the devtools and by switching apps after starting to record.


Thanks for the response. I am testing using the devtools. I am new with this kind of tools, but they are very useful.
My first guess is that the problem could be related with the git repo and the big amount of files I have in the folder tree. I am not sure, but it looks like some times is rechecking lots of things.

Thanks again.