Atom freezes when deleting many files from tree-view


If I mark several files in the tree-view and delete them, atom hangs for several seconds (proportional to the number of files). This has been an issue for me for more than a year and several versions of atom. Is this a known bug? I could not find anything in the issue tracker.

I’m running:
Fedora 25
Atom 1.30


Atom is not a fast program. It tries to do a lot of things in the background, which would be fine if it weren’t written in JavaScript, which has to be run through the interpreter and converted to something the computer can use. When you do something that forces Atom to work on a specific task that takes some time, other parts of the interface can get hung up. I suspect that that’s what’s happening here.


Perhaps, but freezing up 30 seconds because I remove ~50 files seems like a bug still.


You can call any undesired behavior a “bug” if you stretch far enough, but this isn’t code not working as expected. This is just a limitation of how the program is designed. If you label it in your head as something fixable and grumble every time it comes up, you will be a much less happy person overall than if you accept that Atom has some weak points and just delete files from your file explorer instead (and the bright side of this is that file explorers have much better interfaces for sorting and deleting large numbers of files because that’s part of their purpose; you lose a little convenience and gain control and speed).