Atom Freezes on Windows 8.1


When I start Atom on my Windows 8.1 computer, it freezes after 2-3 seconds (although the menu on the top works). All I can do is just hit Close, wait 5-10 seconds, then it will say that the editor is not responding, I can choose to Wait or Close the app, so I usually close it because that’s the only way out. The only way I can run Atom is by running atom --safe from my windows cli, which sucks (it doesn’t have the packages etc.).

What can I do to solve this? Is the problem on my end? It all started out of the blue (no new packages installed). Is there any way I can send you some information for debugging, or what do I do now?

Thanks for your help.


did you reinstall atom if not do that


Ok, will do.


Ok, if I use vanilla Atom with no packages, it works. It must be one of my packages, but I don’t know which one is causing Atom to freeze. Is there any way I can debug this?


you can copy all your packages in separate folder then paste one by one in package directory this is the only way i think would work


Got it! It’s the latest update of this package that was causing Atom to freeze:


Good you figure it Out :slight_smile:


How can the package authors release a build that’s causing Atom to freeze?


This is Open source projects boy it happens


Ok well thanks anyway!