Atom freezes on macOS Sierra


I just updated my OS to macOS Sierra (10.12), and when I start Atom, it simply freezes.
After a while I’m being asked to wait or close Atom.

I even did a fresh install of Atom, removing all Folders and Files which belong to it.

Sincerely no other error-message…


If you wait, does Atom finish opening? Does this problem occur when starting Atom from the command line with atom --safe? Does it happen after using atom --clear-window-state? (Nb: The last command is potentially dangerous as it removes data such as unsaved files, but it sounds like you’re past that point.)


A complete system-restart solved the problem :slight_smile:


I’m having this issue too. atom --safe and atom --clear-window-state do not work. Restart the system has alson not worked.

Stumped… have switched back to brackets for now…


How recently did the freezing start?