Atom freezes crashes when starting to use it (1.20.1 / MacOS 10.12.6)


I wanted to start using atom but when clicking around and editing code it would stall every 30 seconds and crash after 5-10 mins. Is there a go-to list to check for possible things that might interfere.

Also I use vim-mode-plus and ex-mode and without them can’t code.


atom --safe exibits same problems


Do you happen to have a Git repository initialized in your home directory?

ls -ld ~/.git


deleted and it work, wonder whats the deal with it.


Great glad that worked - you basically had a huge Git repository initialized in your home directory which is what caused the problem. In an upcoming release situations like this will be accounted for:


My atom will not even open. Ever since the update it crashes right away and regardless of deleting and re-downloading it, it still crashes.


What happens when you use atom --safe from the Terminal?