Atom Freeze


There are many times that editor freezes and need to be killed to work again. I have windows 7 x64. I have tried to reinstall it. Not sure what to do about that, perhaps package collection is the problem.
Is there any packages which would clean other packages?

Atom freezes frequently

Well, the first thing to do is see if you can get a consistent repro for any of the freezes. And then try to reproduce them in Safe Mode by completely exiting all instances of Atom and starting it again using atom --safe.


It is consistent, but it’s random.–safe on shortcut? How can i check if i am on safe mode?



Ok, i see it, it’s under safe mode. When i have some results i will reply.


Well, i have used ATOM for like 1 hour in safe mode and there was no freeze. When i dont use safe mode it freeze. But i think it’s not ATOM problem, i have tested my pc performance and it get freeze when my RAM get almost full so i think it’s about my ram. I guess this topic can be closed


If you’re getting a freeze only when not in Safe Mode, then that would indicate that a third-party package is the culprit. For example, at one point people were having RAM and CPU issues because of a package that ran Spotify from inside Atom. You might want to track down which package is causing the freezes and file an Issue there.


Hi, I’m having freezes too. But I know for sure it’s not a 3rd party, because I’ve only just downloaded the app.
The freezes for me happen only on settings pages. It seems to be any of the package related ones from what I can tell.
It will lock out for about 20 seconds. This isn’t a huge issue for me since its just the settings pages, but I don’t see many people complaining about it, so it is somewhat puzzling. I’m wondering now what’s so special about my machine. I am on Windows 7.


Same here, I continue to use Atom and now I’m pretty sure the settings pages cause huge lags, especially on views listing packages. For an example, I sometimes quickly go CTRL+’,’ then type the name of a package in a search field, but I have to wait for 20s until it de-freezes. Sometimes it goes to the “editor not responding” dialog, it can last for minutes. Maybe computations or threads are nearly deadlocking?


I am also having this issue in the Atom settings area. I’ll try running today in safe mode and see if that makes any difference.

  • Windows 8.1 x64
  • Surface Pro

Edit 1: First file opened in safe mode ate 30% CPU and Atom was unresponsive for 10 or so seconds - this is in safe mode.


Yes, Atom freezes on the settings page. This happens on a fresh install with no third party packages or themes added and happens on win7, win 8.1 and win10. It is random and can happen on any action at any time.


There is an open Issue for this here:

Please follow the instruction in the documentation here for gathering information on performance issues:

And add the information you gather to that Issue.


Hello there.

Using Atom 1.0.7 on Windows 7 Pro and Mac OSX 10.10.5.
When opening JavaScript files like jQuery framework or runtime.js of Google Swiffy, Atom just freeze.



I was experiencing similar issues opening any file wiith atom

Here what I did to fix.

  1. run atom --safe (load atom in safe mode)
  2. Once in safe mode, I update everything (atom updates and package updates)
  3. close and reopen atom in normal mode.

Incidentally, this also seemed to fix a secondary problem that I was having with packages not updating.