Atom freeze when opening project due to unsaved buffer


I made the big mistake of pasting a really really really long one line file in a new tab, right after that I had to let the window timeout and accept to kill it, since then I can’t open this project anymore without having the atom window freeze…

I tried to find where the untitled were saved and found mention in ~/.atom but after removing it it changed nothing, the untitled buffer is still there. After looking around I found mention of unsaved buffers being stored into IndexedDB but I have no found how I nuke this specific unsaved buffer, is there any way to do that ?


You can start Atom from the command line with atom --clear-window-state, but bear in mind that this will clear state information across all projects. If you have unsaved information attached to other projects, you should resolve that first.

You can also be sneakier and open an Atom window in another folder, add the folder the unsaved buffer is associated with as a project folder, and delete the original folder. State information is stored according to the project paths, but not retrieved if you add the first project as an additional folder to another one.


Thanks !
The sneaky approach worked like a charm :slight_smile:


I have this happen fairly often, but not because I locked up the text editor. I can close a project and when I reopen it might freeze. So the --clear-window-state option looks very helpful, but is there an option that can just “not save tabs” instead of clearing the unsaved work?


No, because not saving the tabs would involve clearing unsaved work. I haven’t looked at how they’re saved to see if it would be possible to separate them (by adding a feature to Atom’s startup sequence), but right now they’re treated as parts of the same set of information.