Atom + foundation 6 > atom freezes all the time!


hi there :wink:

I’ve got a mac book pro 2012 with 8 Gb of RAM

i’m working with zurb foundation 6 via CLI and use it with atom…

everything was ok until recently… atom freezes for 4 to 10 seconds !! I could for about 10 seconds then it freezes again ! It never crashed… but it’s very annoying during work sessions ! I’ve installed the curb template (includes Handlebars templates and Sass/JS compilers) and the manual templates > it’s the same !

is it a problem due to the amount of node modules (305 000+) ?

could you tell how to manage the modules ?

I try the atom safe mode but nothing changed :disappointed:

thanks a lot for your help !

f e w


Atom does not load its packages in safe mode, so I don’t believe that their dependencies are the problem.