Atom for Windows ignores --wait flag


I am using atom v 0.129.1 on Windows 7. When I lauch it via the command line it ignores the --wait flag and returns to the cmd prompt or git bash immediatley. So I can not use it as a git commiteditor for example. Other flags do not work as well. Are the command line flags implemented on Windows?


–dev and --safe work fine in my win 8.0 with 128.


I just checked and --wait does not change anything.


I’m not aware of the wait flag. Is that documented anywhere?


It is mentioned in the Commit Editor section.


And in the command-line help:

$ atom --help
Atom Editor v0.128.0-5c77b06

Usage: atom [options] [path ...]


  -v, --version         Print the version.                                                   [boolean]
  -w, --wait            Wait for window to be closed before returning.                       [boolean]


Did not know that.

But trying myself (Win8, v130) I can confirm that it indeed makes no difference whether --wait is used or not.


It looks like there is an Issue already open:


@leedohm Can you confirm it waits as expected on OSX?


Yes, I use Atom for my Git editor and it behaved as expected on v0.129.0 multiple times yesterday.


Command line help does not work in Windows.


atom --help works for me on Windows 8.1 in Git Bash and CMD prompt.

I can confirm that the wait flag makes no difference, it simply returns immediately in both cases. I suspect there has been a chance recently. At least for me, simply running atom always showed the wait behavior, only returning after closing Atom, which made starting from the command line impractical. I was pleasantly surprised it returns immediately now.