Atom for Pi

Hi, I have a generalist business analyst and project management background but have wanted to learn to code for sometime for both professional and personal reasons. I started with a Pi3 during tha pandemic, and have messed around with several projects. I’ve loved getting to know github and the social aspect of issues and version management that it’s created. But I think it’s unfortunate that we still can’t install Atom on a raspberry pi.

I think there are good business and social reasons to support Pi and I think you should think more about doing it for folks like me (and kids who are much younger) who want to learn on accessible DIY hardware. There is a pull request with only minor changes required, and it’s still been rejected. I guess I’m stuck with an old fork?

If an old moron like me can figure out how to get a Pi4 to switch over to arm7l architecture, why can’t this be an option? I’m not a nutcase about these things and understand there are very good business reasons for keeping your lines seperate - but VSC is now available and it’s more than what I need at the moment. Where are the open source options?

Would love to hear what others think on this, because it’s totally possible I’m missing something.