Atom fonts broken?



I normally use Source Code Pro in the editor. The first time I opened Atom today, all fonts (other than Preferences) are being rendered as some serif font (Georgia?). I haven’t intentionally changed and package or editor settings. This is out of the blue.

I’ve opened up config.cson and have confirmed that “Source Code Pro” is specified in editor -> font-family. I can change this value to something like “Arial” - and all files will update to use that font. However, if I change it to any other supported Atom font (see list here, nothing changes.

This is Atom 1.15.0 on OSX 10.11.6. A screenshot is attached for reference.



Very odd - I opened Font Book and somehow had multiple versions of Source Code Pro installed. I ran an automatic Resolve Conflicts and fonts are correctly loading in Atom and Sublime now.