Atom fonts are messed up!


Today I opened atom and I saw fonts are messed up!

But the wired point is when I switch to the settings tab fonts are well but when I switch to another tab fonts are messed up!
You can see the difference here:point_down:

I read this topic on github but my problem didn’t solve


What happens when you open Settings?


suddenly the tree view fonts look well like the right image
but when I close it the font looks like this:


You can see what’s happening in the HTML of Atom by opening the developer tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools) and navigating to the representation of the tree view (ctrl-f for addWindow would find it easily enough). Then you can open the Settings view and see if that causes any change in the font properties for the text.


I checked but nothing changes!


What OS are you on? What version of Atom are you running?


OS: Ubuntu 18.04 (Since when I upgraded to 18.04 this happened )
Atom: 1.24.1 x64


Whenever there’s trouble with fonts on Linux, it’s likely an issue with FreeType


Thanks a lot! I should upgrade my libfreetype from version 2.8.1 to 2.9
Here is the link which helped me to upgrade: