.atom folder and how to remove it from the tree display


Hello I’m starting up atom, and have a question about what tree is displaying currently (CTRL -/)

Currently it is showing:


How do I remove the .atom folder and everything inside without breaking atom. Better yet how do I display only “my_project” at the top?


Your directory is structured like this?


If so, then it sounds like you’re opening the .atom directory when you go to open my_project. You can just open my_project and none of the other stuff will show up.

More detailed: the tree-view actually lets you manipulate files on your hard drive. If you delete a file or directory from the tree-view, it gets deleted from your machine. The way to load a specific file or directory without displaying a bunch of other stuff is to tell Atom to open that specific thing. It will get added as a “root” folder on the tree-view.


Not sure if it makes a difference, but my project isn’t inside the .atom directory it’s next to it.


That does make a difference and you didn’t say that. Just right-click .atom and select “Remove Project Folder”.


Sorry about that, you are right. I’m just getting familiar with it all. My apologies.