Atom Flight Manual - Printed Version


Google failed me, there is no such thing. I know there is PDF and online version, and that’s fine, considering the cool front cover etc. I would really like to have it printed and have it on my bookshelf.

I guess I might not be the only one thinking so. Any chance this is going to happen anytime soon ?

If not,can I go and print it (for myself) would I break any legal stuff ?


The Flight Manual has a GitHub repo with all of its markdown files, and it is released under a Creative Commons license, so you are free to do with it as you like.


Is there an easy way to group / bind all the markdown pages into a single PDF?
(read: bind pages in correct order)


There are ways, but I don’t know of any program or Atom package that makes it very easy. The best of the ways I know of are all a bit manual and require some expertise, like using pandoc from the command line.


I guess the main issue with a paper version of the manual is that it would become useless shortly after it’s printed. IMHO Atom is still growing, and there is a lot to do before some things get consolidated. I don’t know, just my penny consideration.


Well, thanks yall for the answers. I guess Im just going to print the covers and put them on my wall… the whole atom, electron and github art work is amazing.


No argument there. For me a PDF version, even if outdated, does have value.

If that is the reason for your topic - then you happily have an answer. You can look at the markdown (MD) files of the above mentioned project and use the material from there.

@isu17 - I agree, the graphic work does look good. The designer(s) needs an honourable mention.