Atom Flat Icon (replacement icon)


I pretty much summed up my thoughts on the Atom icon in the repo’s description. The icon was targeted at fitting in better with the Yosemite OS X update, but works well on any OS.

Hope you guys enjoy, feedback is always appreciated :smile:


I like the document icon a lot. I think it makes the document icon more “readable” if that makes sense. It also matches the Discuss logo icon.

On the other hand, I’m not a fan of the black-and-white application icon. Personally, I like the green. Here’s an example of a flat green icon that I like:


Thanks! I’ve actually committed a new version that has 3 variations of the icon (light, dark, and colored), as I realize not everyone has the same taste. Might still not suit your fancy, but perhaps others may be interested in having a choice.


Awesome! Yeah, I like the colored version much better :grinning:


is there anyway to keep the custom icon intact after updating atom?


All I’m missing is a version in-between the first one and the green one, totally flat like the first one but a nice simple flat green. Really nice work though!


As of now not that im aware of :frowning: if anybody has any suggestions I’d love to hear them. I wish the icon was an officially themeable asset


I’m relatively new to Mac (but have some experience with Linux), and am having issues getting the file icon to show.

I got the app icon to replace just fine, and the file icon is in, but it’s not showing for markdown files (*.md)