ATOM: first steps to configure to work with Python on MX-Linux

howdy dear ATOM - experts

pretty new to ATOM: first steps to configure to work with Python on MX-Linux

just have installed ATOM on the MX-Linux.

the question is: how to set the paths - to Python.
note: i allready have installed Python on my Mx-Machine.

Which packages do you suggest me to use … to run ATOM with Python!?

love to hear from you

I find that the main package I need is process-palette. Think of it as the command line pipe between Atom and the outside executable world whether it be Python, R, GO, C++, Powershell, Bash … or any command line enabled application. You might find conda useful with Python and conda commands can be added to process-palette.
Identify the Python commands without using Atom, just the Linux shell terminal. Then copy these command lines into process-palette using Atom variables such as path to your file in Atom Editor. As a refinement process-palette Settings allows you to create custom menu items such as Run Py, or whatever, in menus in your top menu bar allowing you to design your own IDE.

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hi there many many thanks - btw. how to get conda - i did not find it in the installer of ATOM!?

i googled and found the following:

Atom is a framework for creating memory efficient Python objects with enhanced features such as dynamic initialization, validation, and change notification for object attributes.

well should i go this way:

To install this package with conda run:
conda install -c anaconda atom

found at the above mentioned site

Some clarification …

  • Anaconda (which is a very large infrastructure to install) is not essential to run Python in Atom. It is something you should be aware of as you progress in your learning.

  • The conda installation of Atom (nucleic) is not needed if you already have installed Atom separately. They are separate products, not to be confused.

  • There is also Miniconda which is a leaner installation of Anaconda.

  • There are other tools, (apart from conda), for creating Python environments.

I suggest that you start with just basic Atom (as from plus Python using process-palette to run Python scripts from within Atom. Later you can explore using conda.

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many many thanks for the clarification - i am glad that you do such a great support.

i will go ahead and do some next steps.

have a great day