Atom files nowhere to be found

Hey everyone. Please help me. I’m losing my mind over here.

I just wanted a better title bar for Atom, so I installed title-bar-replacer from Atom’s built-in package installer. It told me to do some stuff so I did. After ages of waiting (shitty PC) I was told that I would need to replace an app.asar file with one installed in the same folder and that the folder in question would open in explorer upon exiting Atom.

The explorer window didn’t open, but I thought it was fine. I could just Google where the files are supposed to be and then find the folder myself. But my files are nowhere to be found.

Every fucking Google search result tells me that they are supposed to be in %LOCALAPPDATA%\atom, yet that folder has NOTHING in it apart from another folder called “packages”. No executable anywhere to be found. Atom isn’t available on the Windows 10 start menu, I have no idea where the executable and the rest of the files are.

Additional info:

  • I have “Show hidden files” enabled.
  • I’m using Windows 10 64-bit.
  • I installed Atom through Atom’s official installer on
  • I am on the administrator account and I (should) have all necessary permissions.
  • %USERPROFILE%/.atom seems to be there.
  • Launching Atom through the Windows explorer right-click menu works even though the executable seems to be missing from where it should be.
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%/atom has only one folder named “packages” in it and that folder contains a single file called “atom-1.53.0-full.nupkg”.

I don’t really want to reinstall as my internet connection is unstable and my PC is slow. However, if I have to reinstall Atom please tell me how I could save all of my customizations/installed packages to be reapplied after I reinstall it.

Hey, I found where the files are but I’m still as confused as I was when writing my initial post. The files were in C:/ProgramData/[userprofile]/atom. So my question is: Why?

I searched EVERYWHERE and every possible search result says that the executables should be in %LOCALAPPDATA%/atom. Not a single result has given me this installation path as an answer. This is a completely different directory. Was this an error? Did I just get unlucky? Why were these files installed here if they’re installed in a different directory for literally everyone else? Why isn’t there a way to navigate to the installation directory through Atom itself? I don’t think a “Show installation directory” button would be hard to implement.