Atom file size restriction - is it still set at 2MB?


Hi, first post here…

I love using Atom - but the file size issue is definitely a major issue. I know that the question has been asked a lot but I don’t have confirmation as to whether this has been fixed (or whether there is a ‘work-around’).

Also - if Atom does not allow large files to be edited then what other backup editor can you recommend in the interim?



I personally use Notepad++ for editing outside of Atom. For Mac, BBEdit has a free version.


Thanks -

I’ll try out BBEdit to handle large files.

I understand that the restriction is on the roadmap - is that correct?


I don’t think there is a public roadmap. I haven’t seen one.


What’s the issue with the large file ‘problem’ - seems such a shame that we have to revert to a back up editor…


The hard limit has been removed and I think the recommended limit is now around ~40MB or so, though your editing experience will worsen the larger the file is. We are working on further improvements: see

@DamnedScholar is correct that there is no public roadmap, though the PRs opened by GitHub employees should give you a good idea of what’s being prioritized.

For backup editors, Notepad++ is awesome on Windows.


Great thanks!! Was the removal a recent thing? Seems like it is working for me when literally atom was crashing just a few days ago…I think Atom is awesome…