Atom feels slow or is consuming too much CPU or memory


There are an infinite number of individual reasons why Atom might be running poorly or consuming too many resources. The general categories are:

  1. Atom isn’t designed to be a tiny native-code editor. If the ultimate in speed is what you’re after, Atom probably isn’t what you’re looking for at least for now … and possibly not ever depending on what you’re expecting.
  2. An Atom package is causing a problem
  3. Atom itself is causing a problem

If Item 1 is the root of the problem, there are many other text editors that will probably suit your needs. Sublime Text is a popular one. vim is another. They were both designed with very different goals than Atom and if they suit your needs better, we’re happy if you’re happy :grinning:

If item 2 or 3 is more what is happening for you, then I invite you to take a look at the improved Atom Flight Manual. There is a tutorial on diagnosing runtime performance issues that will help you give us the information we need to track down these CPU problems.

So here’s what people can do so that we can get these problems identified, root caused, and fixed:

  1. Determine to the best of your ability what actions or situations cause the problem
    • Does the problem only occur in certain projects or in all projects?
    • Does the problem occur right away or only after a long period of time?
    • Does the problem only happen when you do something specific like “only when I use Find in Project and include a file mask”? Or is it more of a general thing like “any time I use find-and-replace”?
  2. See if you can reproduce the problem in Safe Mode. Whether or not you can reproduce the problem in Safe Mode, we want to help with the problem … but we need to know where to start looking. Remember, the longest git bisect session starts with a single division of the problem space :grinning:
  3. Use the runtime performance diagnosis tutorial to gather a CPU profile

Then, once you’ve done the above:

  • If you can reproduce the problem reliably, open a new Issue
    1. Fill out the template
    2. Include what version of Atom you’re running by including the output of atom --version
    3. Include what OS and version you’re running Atom on
    4. Include as much information as you can about what actions or situations cause the problem
    5. Include the CPU profile that you recorded in the new Issue
  • If you need help reproducing the problem, post a message here and ask for help. There are plenty of people here that will do their best to help you figure out what is going wrong so you can file an Issue to help us get it fixed!

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