Atom fails to open .txt files when opened from Xfce desktop


I have installed Atom on my latptop, running Manjaro 16.06 with Xfce4 desktop.

When I open a file, say a .txt file from the desktop interface by clicking on it and doing Open with -> Atom, Atom opens, but the file’s contents are gone.

All I get is an Atom window, with the file displayed with “%” where the spaces are. So if I open “two birds.txt” from the file manager window, Atom opens up with

“two%birds.txt” - "file:/home/user/documents/two%birds.txt"
in the title bar. And there’s nothing in the text body.

However, if I open Atom, and then open the file from the file menu, it opens just fine. What’s going on?


This is a duplicate of your own previous topic here:

Please don’t open multiple topics to discuss the same thing. I’m closing this in favor of your original topic.

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