Atom fails to open [mac]

This answer above by @amandala was the cause of my issue, though I couldn’t find the actual window anywhere to expand it. Even in Mission Control mode (three finger swipe up), no atom window was visible.

I ended up resolving it by navigating to Window > Zoom in the Atom application toolbar (i.e., menu bar at the top of the screen). I triggered Zoom for each of my windows and it brought each window back to normal size.

Hello I have been having some issues as well with downloading Atom on my Mac… I haven’t been using Mac for very long at all so its kind of bugging me now. First with sublime text it would not let me save any files. Now with Atom it is saying it cannot download or open because it can’t be checked for malicious software. Im really WTFing right now about this because I need to have either sublime text or Atom for school . Any ideas from Mac savvy users? Thanks a bunch

Hey there, I was just dealing with this same issue and found a solution. Hold the control button as you click the icon which will open the right-click menu and keep it held and pick “Open”. It adds it to the Security Exception list and you’ll be able to double-click it open from now on. Hope that helps.

That helped! Thanks tylerOS :slight_smile: it is now up and running, WOO HOOO!!! <3