Atom Errors With "Unable to get local issuer certificate"


I am unable to install packages.

I tried the strict-ssl=false from [this page|] but I still can’t search for packages.

I am on a corporate network with Websense/Forcepoint protection. Forcepoint replaces SSL certificates for outbound HTTPS so that you always see the FP cert, not the original website’s cert. For Git, I had a similar issue and I had to add the Forcepoint cert to the bundle used by the app. Firefox also had an issue until I added the cert to it.

What do?


Same here, even with strict-ssl=false set!


Same. Even tried setting https-proxy=<host:port> and no change.


This only fails using the Atom UI. On windows do the following to install, say atom-beautify:

Start > Run > cmd

cd %APPDATA%…\Local\atom\

find your latest app- folder, such as app-1.27.2

cd .\app-1.27.2\resource\app\apm\bin\

to be safe, add to your current cmd session PATH

set PATH=.;%PATH%
.\apm.cmd install atom-beautify

TASK Manager will report a “node.exe” process pounding away on the CPU, just wait for it to finish. command-line will report “done”, then exit the cmd window.



This is still a bug. Where is the Atom GUI pulling its .atomrc settings from, if not ~/.atom/.apmrc?
I reported this bug directly in the Atom Github issues and the devs closed it promptly without comment. Why?


If you’re talking about this issue, it was moved to the settings package repo (as the bot comment says)