Atom Error / (problem when clicking x, atom is blank on reopen)


More info on error:

currently whenever i click x and reopen atom it brings me to an untitled page, whe nit should be opening where i left off… can anyone help me? it seems many people have this issue…


You should first check to make sure that your settings are configured right. Under Settings -> Core, look for Open Empty Editor On Start and Restore Previous Windows On Start. The first one doesn’t matter unless the second one is set to no.


this is a known bug, and it is known that those settings are irrelavant ; when closing the application using the x button, it does not reopen to my last session… regardless of the check.


@draydev I am assuming you are on macOS. If so, what you are talking about is not a bug; Atom is working as expected. This is how macOS applications are supposed to work. Pressing the red ‘X’ button on macOS does not close the application, it merely closes the window. Therefore Atom saves its state as “no windows”, so then it will reopen with no state the next time. In order to properly quit an application you have to explicitly go to Atom -> Quit.

I think you linked the wrong issue by the way.